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Mindfulness Through Finding Your Why

You get up in the morning. Sometimes so early it’s still dark. Sometimes it takes a few moments to work out where you are. Oh yeah… Now I remember.

After dragging feet to the shower, you get ready for the day and before you know it it's midday and you’re meandering into the afternoon. Then the day is done and you’re none the wiser why you’re doing any of it.

There are a thousand reasons we go through this routine – pay the bills, support ourselves and our families – but have you ever taken the time to define your real WHY?

Riddle me this:

  • Why do you specifically do the work that you do, is it a calling or just a job?

  • Why do others deal with you professionally, do they have any idea what you’re really about?

  • Why do you really get out of bed in the morning, just to pay the bills or to actually make a difference for people?

  • What is your WHY?

You may have heard of this term ‘mindfulness’ used in relation to being ‘present’ in the moment. It refers to being better aware of your personal thoughts, feelings and surroundings allowing you to be happier and more balanced during life’s ups and downs. This mindfulness I believe can only be achieved after identifying your why.

If you can start to define your WHY, your REAL WHY, your outlook on life can alter dramatically (spoiler: for the better!).

For instance – my WHY – Is ‘Getting People In Motion.’ You might ask what does that mean? Well I’m glad you asked.

'Getting people in motion' personally and professionally is the aim that everyone I come in contact with ends up in a better place as a direct result of our relationship. That our engagement provides them a burst of inspiration, direction or strategic advantage in their journey. It means so much when someone I’ve dealt with a year before rings up and says ‘Christian, I’m so glad we met last year and discussed that (enter life/business/career changing) topic, I’ve implemented it and look where I am today’.

Brilliant. That’s my WHY and it’s honestly brilliant.

So what is your WHY? Start working on it and in time you may be surprised what you discover. You might just find that real mindfulness follows this discovery and the day to day is a little bit more rewarding.

As a Business Owner

These questions are relevant not only to you but to broader businesses. As a business owner it is a question you must be able to answer – not what do we do, not how do we do it – but WHY do we do it?

If there are 10 companies who do what you do you’re competing on level playing field. Good luck with that. But if of these companies you are the only one who can define WHY you do what you do… well that makes for an enormous difference.

The ability to tell your customers WHY you do what you do – the story, motivation and defining principles of your business – opens up a whole new level of communication. It paves the way to radically re-define customer relationships beyond just dollars and cents, and it will completely change your outlook on your own business journey.

Go find your WHY, you might be surprised what follows…

Thanks for reading.