Business Meeting

Business Acquisition

Aside from attracting and retaining the best talent, Vital Talent can assist in the identification and acquisition of businesses in your market. 

When you are considering expansion in to a new market or geographical location, often the best solution is through an acquisition of a business currently operating in the space. This can create immediate profitability, minimise risk and expedite further growth opportunities. 

From profitable, high cost acquisitions to valuable but distressed 'fixer-uppers', Vital Talent can assist in identifying, assessing and transitioning acquisitions into your company successfully. We can offer advice on negotiation techniques and facilitate solutions in overcoming challenges. 

We can also call on support from industry experts in the legal, finance and advisory sectors during the commercial phase. 

  • Business Acquisition Targets 

  • Competitor Mapping

  • Strategic, Cultural and Tactical Suitability 

  • Start Up Strategy

  • Transition Consulting 

  • Key Person Appointments For Integration Leadership